What is Open Source Software

Software is generally distributed in object code form. However, software developers can choose to distribute their software in source code form, which is human-readable and allows those receiving it to understand how the software operates and modify it. An open source software license is generally a conditional license grant in which the software developer distributes the software in source code form to the licensee at little or no monetary cost. The big condition is usually that if the licensee redistributes the software or a modified version of it, then the licensee must do so under the same open source terms.

How to set up Cron

Cron (a Linux process that performs background work, often at night) is set up by default on your Linux system. You can schedule various jobs, like backups,re-built of databases , clean the clean the /tmp directory e.t.c.

How to search for bad sectors/block on a Drive

You can use badblocks command in order to find badblocks at your Device.

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