Distribute Smarty

Distribute Smarty

One of Smartys primary design goals is to facilitate the separation of application code from presentation. Typically, the application code contains the business logic of your application, written and maintained in PHP code. This code is maintained by programmers. The presentation is the way your content is presented to the end user, which is written and maintained in template files. The templates are maintained by template designers. 
If you would like to have a single copy of Smarty available to your customers then follow the simple installation procedure like described below.

1. Download and unpack smarty. Login with ssh to your server, go to /usr/local/src and type: wget http://www.smarty.net/do_download.php?download_file=Smarty-2.6.25.tar.gz
You will need to replace the release name with the latest one or any beta in case that you are interested in testing new features. Smarty downloads are available through Guru-host.eu server at http://www.smarty.net/download.php

2. sudo mkdir /usr/loca/src/smarty

3. sudo mv {unpacked_smarty}/libs/* /usr/local/src/smarty

4. Add /usr/local/src/smarty to php.ini include_path or simply use the full path in your applications.

5. Restart apache.

Be aware that no custom modifications can be made in this type of installation. If you would like to distribute a modified code of Smarty, then you will need to include your own copy.

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