How to submit an article to our content management system

In order to be able to submit an article to you need to request to upgrade your account to author.
This can be done simply by sending an email to us requesting this. Within the next 24-48 hours your account will be upgraded and you will be able to submit any article to the existing categories.

Submiting an article is very simple. Just browse to the category that you've like to seen your article published and hit the "Add Article" link which can be seen on the top of the page depending the layout. An example screenshot can be seen below:

Article submition step 1

As soon as you click the button an AJAX window will pop up. There you can fill your article details including meta keywords and description. That is optional and can be filled later by us if you prefer. A screenshot of the article submition can be seen below:

Add article

Most important aspects of article submition are the Title, the category and subcategory if exist. If you think that your article does not fit into any category please let us know and we will create a new one.
Next screenshot displays the bottom of the AJAX window:

Last step

Posted on: 12/12/2009

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