How to display Network interface statistics

In this article it is explained how to use nestat command to show statistics of eth0,localhost,wireless or any other interface.

When invoked with the -i flag, netstat displays statistics for the network interfaces currently configured. If -a flag is also given, it prints all interfaces present in the kernel, not only those that have been configured currently.

The MTU and Met fields show the current MTU and metric values for that interface. The RX and TX columns show how many packets have been received or transmitted error-free (RX-OK/TX-OK) or damaged.

(RX-ERR/TX-ERR); how many were dropped (RX-DRP/TX-DRP); and how many were lost because of an overrun (RX-OVR/TX-OVR). The last column shows the flags that have been set for this interface. These characters are one-character versions of the long flag names that are printed when you display the interface configuration with ifconfig:

       A broadcast address has been set.
       This interface is a loopback device.
       All packets are received (promiscuous mode).
       ARP is turned off for this interface.
       This is a point-to-point connection.
       Interface is running.
       Interface is up.

Posted on: 11/12/2009

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