How to save files from URLs using shell

To download a single file from the Web, give the URL of the file as an argument to wget.

For example, to download to a file, type: $ wget RET

This command reads a given URL, writing its contents to a file with the same name as the original, `septembr.mp3', in the current working directory. If you interrupt a download before it's finished, the contents of the file you were retrieving will contain only the portion of the file wget retrieved until it was interrupted. Use wget with the `−c' option to resume the
download from the point it left off.To resume download of the URL from the previous example, type:

$ wget −c RET

NOTE: In order for the `−c' option to have the desired effect, you should run wget from the same directory as it was run previously, where that partially−retrieved file should still exist.

Posted on: 17/12/2009

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