How to verify any e-mail account using shell

Use vrfy to determine whether or not a given email address works. This is useful when you are unsure whether or not you have the right email address for someone. If the address works, vrfy outputs a message indicating that the recipient exists; if the address is not valid, vrfy outputs a message saying that the user is unknown.

To verify that the email address is valid, type:

$ vrfy RET

Use the `−f' option to specify a text file containing email addresses; vrfy attempts to verify all email addresses contained in the file. To verify all of the email addresses contained in the file `net−legends−faq', type:

$ vrfy −f net−legends−faq RET

NOTE:vrfy relies on the remote system to get this information; in these days of the heavily corporatized Internet, an increasing number of sites no longer supply this kind of information to the general public. However, it's still useful enough to be worth mentioning.

Posted on: 17/12/2009

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