Install and configure grsecurity on Debian and Ubuntu

Grsecurity is an innovative approach to security utilizing a multi-layered detection, prevention, and containment model. It is licensed under the GNU GPL. In this article we will discuss how to setup and configure grseurity ( in a few minutes to your server.

Step 1

Edit your sources file, type:
vi /etc/apt/sources.list

and with the vi or any other editor insert on the bottom the following:
deb kernel-security/    ---> if you are running Ubuntu
deb kernel-security/ (don't forget the trailing /)   ---> if you are running Debian

Step 2

Download the repository's gpg key and use: apt-key add kernel-security.asc

Step 3

Install, type:
apt-get install linux-image- linux-headers- linux-source-
Wait a few minutes and reboot to the new kernel. Make sure the new kernel is running fine:
root@zimbra1:~# uname -r


Posted on: 04/02/2011

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