Linux on HTC

Android builds come from the AOSP kitchen of Stinedb and the XDAndroid Kernel Developers. I try to keep the OS builds as up to date as possible within this article. This in not an emulator, nor is it a full ROM! Haret.exe closes down Windows, and boots Linux off of your Storage Card to launch Android. To boot back to WinMo all you need to do is reset your handset!

Linux on mobile phones

You want to use Linux or another Unix with your mobile (cellular) phone? Here area few cell phones using Linux.

Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device

Taken from Ubuntu blog: In some cases we took some applications and modified them to fit better on MID screens and to be finger friendly for touch screens. In others we have included Moblin technologies. A notable feature of Ubuntu MID is a specifically-designed MID browser based on Gecko, that has zoom capabilities that optimize the browsing experience for users, critical for a device primarily designed for Web access. It also contains applications for email, calendaring, document reading,contacts and a media player as part of the default install. All the applications are freely redistributable.

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