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Distribute Smarty

One of Smartys primary design goals is to facilitate the separation of application code from presentation. Typically, the application code contains the business logic of your application, written and maintained in PHP code. This code is maintained by programmers. The presentation is the way your content is presented to the end user, which is written and maintained in template files. The templates are maintained by template designers.
If you would like to have a single copy of Smarty available to your customers then follow the simple installation procedure like described below.

Introduction to PHP

Strings in PHP are a sequence of characters, such as "We hold these truths to be self evident," or "Once upon a time," or even "111211211." When you read data from a file or output it to a web browser, your data is represented as strings.

Processing a string a character

Processing a string a character at a time is an easy way to calculate the "Look and Say" sequence.

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