Making Abbreviations in Emacs

An abbrev is a word that is an abbreviation of a (usually) longer word or phrase. Abbrevs exist as a convenience to you−−you can define abbrevs to expand to a long phrase that is inconvenient to type, or you can define a misspelling that you tend to make to expand to its correct spelling. Abbrevs only expand when you have Abbrev mode enabled.

To turn on Abbrev mode, type:

M−x abbrev−mode RET

To define an abbrev, type the abbrev you want to use and then type C−x aig. Emacs will prompt in the minibuffer for the text you want the abbrev to expand to; type that text and then type RET. · To define `rbf' as an abbrev for `R. Buckminster Fuller', do the following:

  • First, type the abbrev itself: rbf
  • Next, specify that this text is to be an abbrev; type: C−x aig
  • Now type the text to expand it to:Global expansion for "rbf": R. Buckminster Fuller RET

Now, whenever you type `rbf' followed by a whitespace or punctuation character in the current buffer, that text will expand to the text `R. Buckminster Fuller'. To save the abbrevs you have defined so that you can use them later, use the write−abbrev−file function. This saves all of the abbrevs currently defined to a file that you can read in a future Emacs session. (You can also open the file in a buffer and edit the abbrevs if you like.)

To save the abbrevs you have currently defined to a file `~/.misspelling−abbrevs', type:

M−x write−abbrev−file RET ~/.misspelling−abbrevs RET

Then, in a future Emacs session, you can use the read−abbrev−file function to define those abbrevs for that session.
To read the abbrevs from the file `~/.misspelling−abbrevs', and define them for the current session, type:

M−x read−abbrev−file RET ~/.misspelling−abbrevs RET

NOTE: Emacs mode commands are toggles. So to turn off Abbrev mode in a buffer, just type M−x abbrev−mode RET again. If you turn Abbrev mode on in that buffer later on during the Emacs session, the abbrevs will be remembered and will expand again.

Posted on: 16/12/2009

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