Amazon hosting downtime,,, and suffered approximately half an hour of downtime at around 21:15 GMT. The cause is not yet apparent, although all of these sites share one thing in common: they are all hosted at Amazon's data centre in Ireland.

Mastercard attack by anonymous has been taken down after a second distributed denial of service attack by Anonymous. The first attack occurred 3 days ago, after which Visa and PayPal were also successfully attacked. MasterCard's payment processing systems were affected during the first DDoS attack on Wednesday, with many consumers reporting that they were unable to pay for goods online. Businesses reported a corresponding drop in trade during that first attack.

4chan boards attack

4chan's popular message boards are under another distributed denial of service attack. Many members of Anonymous inhabit the site's boards, although it is unknown whether the current attack is related to any of the previous DDoS attacks purportedly carried out by Anonymous.

More wikileaks attacks! is the latest site to be taken down by the ongoing WikiLeaks-related attacks.The attack was organised to start at 09:20 GMT on Friday, but did not appear to have any immediate impact; however, the site eventually succumbed shortly after 11:00.

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