How to install msttcorefonts on Fedora 14

If you are running any Windows OS or you have access to you can install msttcorefonts to import all Windows fonts into your Fedora box.
Be aware that a full Windows license is needed to use those fonts under Linux.

Certificate verification error: signed using insecure algorithm


When you are using eclipse and getting an error like:
svn: OPTIONS of '': Certificate verification error: signed using insecure algorithm (

How to check if Linux kernel is 32 bit or 64 bit

No matter the Linux distribution if you want just to check if your Operating System is running either 32 or 64bit kernel just issue the following command:

For 64bit kernel the output should be:
[root@diver ~]# uname -m

For 32bit kernel the output should be:
stelios@pappous:~> uname -m

How to clear mail queue

In order to clear mail queue on Directadmin servers issue the following command:

exim -bp | awk '/^ *[0-9]+[mhd]/{print "exim -Mrm " $3}' | sh

This works almost on any server using Exim.


Video Editing on Linux

Blender was first conceived in December 1993 and born as a usable product in August 1994 as an integrated application that enables the creation of a broad range of 2D and 3D content. Blender provides a broad spectrum of modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and video post-processing functionality in one package. Through its open architecture, Blender provides cross-platform interoperability, extensibility, an incredibly small footprint, and a tightly integrated workflow. Blender is one of the most popular Open Source 3D graphics applications in the world.

Ioncube and Smarty

The latest version of ionCube PHP Encoder has the ability to encrypt any non-PHP files as well as encoding PHP files. The ionCube PHP Loader extends PHP with functions to decrypt these files. This means that it is now possible to encrypt and distribute secure templates with your projects.

On this article we provide a patch to the popular Smarty template engine enabling Smarty to read encrypted template files. These encrypted template files can be created automatically by the ionCube Encoder at the same time as the PHP scripts are encoded.

The patch to Smarty is extremely simple - we have replaced a function that reads the contents of the template file with a call to the Loader function that reads encrypted files. Since this Loader function is able to read both encrypted and unencrypted files, the modified version of Smarty will work seamlessly with both encrypted and regular unencrypted templates. The same approach can undoubtedly be used for other template engines, reading/writing XML documents and configuration files, etc. Please note that the script calling ioncube_read_file(), e.g. the template engine, must be encoded.

To apply the patch, simply comment out the method _read_file in the file Smarty.class.php in the Smarty source, and insert the replacement method. The method can be viewed by clicking the link below.

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