Migrate from 32bit version to 64bit on ubuntu

Same technique I assume will apply to any deb based distribution like Debian etc. In this article we will describe and demonstrate some tips to make upgrade easier from any 32bit distribution to 64bit without loosing any data.

User made the mistake to have all files into a single directory. Big mistake!
This case is the most difficult as we need to get a complete backup of the files prior to upgrade.
Copy all your files into an external hard drive, just issue the following command:

cp -a /home/username /media/externalDrive

Ofcourse you need to replace username with your actual username and also the /media/externalDrive with the relevant path of the external hard drive like usb etc.

Then run dpkg --get-selections > my32bitPackages.txt to save what packages you've installed.
Then reformatting and installing a clean 64 bit Ubuntu or Debian and run:
dpkg –set-selections my32bitPackages.txt

This will restore all the packages you've installed, leaving just /etc customization. Done!

Posted on: 20/07/2010

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