Setup as default device your Chord Gem or any other bluetooth device

The instructions outlined in this article have been implemented on a Linux OpenSuSE 11.2 64bit but they will work on any Linux with close to none modification.
Install all alsa related packages to your distribution. Then type: hcitool scan and grab the MAC address of your device.
It will be something like 00:07:80:89:4A:33.
Then all you need is to modify your ~/.asoundrc file like the one provided below.

stelios@linux-toeb:~$ cat ~/.asoundrc
pcm.!default {
   type bluetooth
   device  00:07:80:89:4A:32

ctl.!default {
   type pulse
pcm.bluetooth_hw { 
         type bluetooth 
         device  00:07:80:89:4A:32
         profile "auto" 

All you need to change is the MAC address of your bluetooth device no matter if this is a headset or a Chord device.
After all these modifications restart your PC and try with mplayer of any other audio player to check the results. On OpenSuSE you will need to select the default device from the bluetooth applet too.

Chord is a superb device which will change the way you listen music from your PC! Here are the specification of the device for your refering.
You can also download the detailed pdf here.

Chordette on Linux

The Chordette Gem turns your cell phone, PC or PDA into a CD-quality music player.

  • Streams music from your smart phone or iPod
  • The high-performance DAC dramatically improves the sound quality from music stored on your computer
  • Great for gaming aps on iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Gold-plated RCA stereo output sockets

The Chordette GEM lets you wirelessly stream digital audio signals without compromise in performance thanks to the GEM’s implementation of Bluetooth A2DP and a high-end digital to analog converter (DAC). Simply choose a Bluetooth enabled media player (e.g. iPhone with OS 3.0 or iPod Touch using OS 3.0), and activate the Bluetooth pairing procedure to login and wirelessly connect to the Chordette GEM and begin streaming music.

Your source is not limited to just Bluetooth devices – in fact music players like the iPod Classic can, with the use of a tiny Bluetooth adapter (available separately), stream their music libraries just as easily to the GEM. Additionally, laptop and desktop computers can serve up their stored music collections to the GEM. Connection to your audio system from the GEM is accomplished with a simple pair of RCA cables into an available input on your preamplifier or receiver. Excellent audio fidelity is realized due to the digital Bluetooth signal being extracted and converted to analog using an audiophile-grade DAC.

The GEM includes a USB input that provides a direct connection to its DAC from the USB output found on computers and music servers. This method delivers ultra-high-fidelity that equals or surpassing the performance of many high-end CD players. Additionally, the GEM will support sampling rates up to 24-bit / 96kHz necessary for high-definition digital music files.

Streaming music
When using a smart phone such as the Apple iPhone 3GS or a WiFi based device like the iPhone or iPod Touch with 3.0 software, the capabilities and features of the device are more fully realized. For example, both free and for-pay music subscription services like Pandora, Last FM, Rhapsody, Napster and Sirius XM are all capable of streaming content through the GEM with the highest fidelity possible. In addition to the music library stored in your device, you have unlimited access to content.

Dramatically improve the sound quality of your computer-stored music
Music content stored on your computer (such as in iTunes, for example) can be processed by the Chordette GEM for higher fidelity due to the USB DAC. Using the GEM as a USB DAC has proved to yield truly incredible results allowing a computer running iTunes to compete with CD players in the $2,000 price category! This is really exciting news as you can have an organized, searchable, performance platform without compromise. Connection to the Chordette GEM can be done via a USB cable for best performance or wirelessly via Bluetooth if your computer/music server is not in close proximity to the GEM. Adding the Apple Remote application to an iPod is a great way to achieve the ultimate in system control convenience.

Your kids can use their iPod Touch/iPhone to play video games and send the sound effects through a stereo system to take their personal gaming to a whole new level.

Posted on: 18/03/2011

Admin, posted on 29/03/11 09:05:48
Just to add that on Debian you wont see under output sound preferences your bluettoth device. To solve this just type: sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth