Record streaming audio

In this article we will discuss how you can record direct into your prefered hard drive any streaming audio resource. Quiet fancy, don't you think? :)
First of all ensure that you have sox installed, just type apt-get install sox.

How to clear MBR

If you've got issues while trying to boot into your new kernel after upgrading your hardware raid controller driver and want to clear the MBR on a few drives, this is the proper way to do it!

Searching packages with zypper on OpenSuSE

By default, the search command looks for packages of any type, status or repository, having names containing specified string (compares case-insensitively).

Quick way to access a file on a DOS Windows floppy

Use "mtools", no mounting required. For example, I can use the mdir command to quickly inspect the content of the root directory on my DOS floppy.

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