PXE Booting

PXE Booting

Most modern systems include some sort of network boot card and a BIOS that can take advantage of that capability. As a wide variety of options are available from the boot menu, they are not all described here.

If available, the option should be listed in your computer’s hardware documentation. If the PXE environment is sele cted, it should show messages such as these:

Network boot from some network card
CLIENT MAC ADDR: 00 0C 39 40 4E EA
GUID: 564DFD09-31C9-77F0-ED6C-CE86DA304EEA

If the server is properly configured, especially with the pxeclient.0 file described in the discussion of the DHCP server, the client PXE environment should automatically detect the DHCP server, along with the client files as configured. If successful, the PXE boot process should bring up the a screen . At that point, you should be able to start the same Expert mode installation by typing in expert and pressing ENTER at the boot: prompt.

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