Whitelist sender in Zimbra

Whitelist sender in Zimbra

If you are getting bounced emails with content like below, you will need to either contact the receipient to fix this or to whitelist his domain/email:
> The mail system
> <youremai@yourdomain.com>: host somehost[some IP] said: 554 5.7.1
>  Service unavailable; Client host [some IP] blocked using
>  dnsbl.sorbs.net; Currently Sending Spam See:
> http://www.sorbs.net/lookup.shtml?some IP (in reply to RCPT TO
>  command)

With Zimbra colloboration suite either in 6.* or 7.* release you will need to edit the same file; that is the /opt/zimbra/conf/salocal.cf.in file, which is designed specifically for “local” (ie user) configuration. Modifying only this file makes for easier upgrades, and protects your spamassasin installation from inadvertant destruction. Keep in mind, however, that Zimbra replaces this file on every upgrade, so you’ll want to create a cron job to copy it to the backup folder (or some other safe location) on a regular basis.

The simplest filtering methods for spamassasin are the blacklist and whitelist. Blacklist entries block all email from an address or domain, and whitelist entries bypass all filtering for an address or domain. To add blackist or whitelist entries to your salocal.cf.in file, simply add lines in the following format:

blacklist_from sales@somespammer.com
whitelist_from name@somedomain.com
blacklist_from *@somespammer.com

Note that * is a wildcard. In this example *@somespammer.com indicates all email from any user at somespammer.com.

When you are finished editing the salocal.cf.in file, restart Zimbra spamassassin by issuing the following command at the server prompt (as the zimbra user):

zmmtactl restart && zmamavisdctl restart

If you are logged in as root you can achieve the same result as above with the command:

su – zimbra -c “zmmtactl restart && zmamavisdctl restart”

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